Services Offered

TJP offers you a one-stop shop for your campaign needs. Instead of spending time and resources talking to multiple vendors, consultants and designers, TJP can handle the details for you so you can focus on what matters most, meeting voters.

Direct Mail

Mail continues to offer the best bang for a candidate's buck with the ability to target voters and message to their needs. TJP provides award-winning direct mail for our clients, recognized by the top political organizations in the country for creative work and strategic messaging. We cut through the junk to get right to the voters.

Digital Ads

With voters being attached to their devices more than ever before, it is essential to include a digital strategy to meet voters where they are. TJP offers a partnership with a leading digital advertising firm that provides you with our skilled graphic designers, voter targeting specialists and affordable price points.

General Consulting

Campaigns must be disciplined and organized. Our team can use our decades of experience managing campaigns to help you navigate the decisions that take you away from the important tasks and offer you proven strategies to effectively message, target voters and more - and we'll make sure it is done right.

Photography & Video

An engaging visual is the cornerstone of successful storytelling. Through stunning photography and captivating video, TJP Strategies will help bring your story to life.

Research & Analysis

It's important to know your electorate. Our team are experts at breaking down election data and providing detailed analysis for our clients. We can help you answer the tough questions.


Phone calls, made by automated systems, paid live callers, or volunteers, are an effective method of voter contact. The right phone vendor will be able to work with you to identify a target universe, develop the right script, and deploy the calls at an appropriate cost.

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"The professionalism and quality of their products, paired with the personalization, took my campaigning to the next level."

Keri Ingle, Missouri State Representative