Low Intensity Intervention Knowledge. The schooling neighborhood involves a combination of classes, crowd exercising and role-plays and useful examination

Low Intensity Input for Youngsters Training Course

Mind HK and FRAME OF MIND are generally glad to declare the traditional course on low-intensity treatments for teens using an Acceptance and engagement cures (ACT) framework. Upon achievement for this practise, students will support the expertise to supply led self-help good rules of ACT to youths dealing with gentle to slight mental health troubles in Hong Kong.

Important data

Program Dates:

April 2022 – January 2023


2.5 months (fulltime) of classes and classes in April 2021 9 months location (3 days a week) from April 2022 until January 2023

Tool Periods:

All applicants opened: mon 7 June 2021 tight: weekend 8 October 2021 interview is going to take set in fall 2021.

Instruction Location:


You need to review all information and our very own FAQs before you apply and apply via this form.

Entryway requisite

Program Basic Principles

Jardine Matheson, STATE OF MIND, Hongkong area HOUSEHOLD ACCOUNT and HKEX support has backed attention HK to launch this training program. Making use of a product like the UK’s Girls and boys and Young Person’s strengthening use of emotional Therapies (CYP-IAPT) initiative, the programme will teach a brand new cohort of practitioners to use youths (aged between 12 and 24) having gentle to slight emotional worry using a low-intensity, manualised input while using basics of ACT. This tuition and associated studies is going to be performed in relationship with King’s College London and Hong-Kong Baptist college.

Training course Structure and Examination

Trainees will undergo 2.5 days of rigorous schooling in April 2021, with a 9-month location.


The instructing prevent calls for a mixture of classes, group workouts and role-plays and functional exams.

Modules included would include:

  • Intro to mind health/mental health in Hong Kong
  • Guidance abilities
  • Clinical chances administration
  • Summary of Acceptance and Devotion Therapy
  • Providing the ACT-based manualised input

Trainees will undertake a practical review to the end of the training prevent.


Following your instruction prevent is complete, each student will start setting at a faculty or people organisation. During each 9-month long place, trainees will deliver the intervention to youths three days a week, seeing a minimum of 3 youth daily. Both guidance and position could be positioned by idea HK.

Supervisors are liable for monitoring trainee’s studying and progress and make certain that students conduct safer, efficient training within role, sticking with the manualised intervention.

Upon completion for the place, and influenced by conference considered criteria (as assessed by their particular supervisors), trainees might be permitted transfer to a permanent character via 2 trails:

  1. Suitable number establishments can decide to hire trainees in long-lasting jobs whenever they have completed their own placements. They are going to be required to offer you almost all their sessions for affordable or free therapies.
  2. In replacement, or moreover, they might also decide to offer their business in private methods. The rate due to this could be topped to guarantee the provider keeps affordable, according to the aim of this program – which will make psychological therapies much accessible to those invoved with want.

Even more info on this plan, want view below towards programme FAQs.


Should you have any issue on the classes plan, remember to e-mail us all at [email secure] and rehearse the niche range “Mind HK Low-Intensity treatments for kids exercise Course“.

What exactly is the Low Intensity treatments for kids program?

It training course will create students with a foundational comprehension of low-intensity mental interventions for young people. They hopes to improve the means to access psychological state practices and service for youth (aged 12-24) in Hong Kong, through training people to create low-intensity, manualised and directed self-help treatments depending on popularity and willpower treatment (ACT).

Something manualised input?

Manualised operate is now being trusted to present assistance to folks with minimal to limited psychological state issues.

Manualised treatments incorporate employed through a standard protocol with each customers. Mental health service staff members will assist consumers through a booklet including various segments targeting changes in numerous psychological operations.

Although the intervention is largely standardised for every single clients, mental health service staff will a little bit modify the input to people’ introducing troubles and distinct features. The function of treatment solutions are based on the guided self-help product applied in biggest care and attention treatments in other countries.

Just what is Improving usage of sentimental remedies (IAPT)?

IAPT happens to be a plan in Great Britain, began by way of the nationwide Health provider (NHS) in 2008, to increase the quantity of grown ups (aged 16+) in a position to receive evidence-based cures for uneasiness and despair.

In 2014, a version of IAPT geared towards kiddies and young talkwithstranger app adults known as the CYP-IAPT program (kids and younger Persons’ repairing the means to access sentimental solutions) am well-known. CYP-IAPT is put in place to boost the accessibility of evidence depending speaking therapy for young children and youngsters suffering from psychological state troubles.

Both programmes were characterised by offering indications oriented manualised instructed self-help treatments, promoting an added source, to minimize the responsibility on provide psychological service, by subtracting over gentle instances and focussing on first intervention and try to deal with mental health troubles within early stages before they may grow into much more serious trouble.

The reason why had been the programme designed?

The programme was developed making use of the aim of tuition further practitioners to provide excellent interventions within a short-time framework.

Globally, 75percent of psychological dilemmas build until the age 24 and 50per cent are generally established because of the age of 14 (World wellness Organization). Without input, stress and despression symptoms are likely to continue up.

In a more local setting, explanation about psychological state considerations among youths in Hong Kong is limited, yet it is projected that between 6.9per cent and 1.3percent teenagers have got diagnosable anxiety and depressive disorders, respectively (Leung et al. 2008). There are certainly lengthy waitlists or insufficient arrangement for anyone going through minimal to mild problems. Without input, moderate to reasonable troubles can become worse.

We hope that by tuition added employees, we’re able to incorporate very early interventions to teens and improve the usage of assistance.

That are the project donors?

ATTITUDE (Jardine Matheson Group’s foundation), Hongkong area HOME FUND & HKEX support.